While standing on Mount Carmel in Israel at the beginning of December, I was reminded of the conversation between Elijah and his servant. I looked towards the Mediterranean. I than experienced Elijah asking me, “What do you see?”

The servant persisted on the word and faith of Elijah, for Elijah prayed intensely (1 Kings 18:42). Seven times he had to go back, and the seventh time he saw a cloud as big as a man’s fist. Then the rain poured down and the drought was broken.

Come stand with me on Mount Carmel and stare in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. Stand and look in the direction of where the answer should come. Stand and look towards Him who sits on the throne (Rev. 4). Stand and stare at His Word. Stand and be sensitive to hear the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

What do you see and what do you hear for 2018?

May the Lord give you the abundance so that you will experience refreshment of streams of the living water. May it be like the rain on Mount Carmel after years of drought. May the Lord answer your prayers and grant you long lasting refreshment and restoration for your whole life.

May you experience the abundant blessing and care of the Lord in 2018.

Johan and Hannalie