Living The Word of God

Our mission is to assist in the building, developing and empowering of the true Church of Jesus Christ through coaching, teaching and spending time and developing relationships.

Our passion is also to assist and prepare the bride of Jesus Christ, The Messiah,  for His second coming, but at the same time to equip the body of Christ to fulfill its earthly calling and purpose and experience a deeper and more sensitive and intimate walk with Him.

Jesus’s command is to make disciples (Mat 28: 16-20). The organizing and presenting of events only. which I label: “Christian entertainment”  is not the way to fulfill our calling . Rebirth and conversion is only the  beginning of this spiritual journey. Making of disciples is therefore our focus. We would like to leave a legacy by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

God forms a person and deals with the character of a person to become more Christ like (Rom 8:29). This is a process. God is busy with us and we want to journey with you and share our experiences and testimonies.


We believe everybody needs a coach.

This, we believe, can be done through a process called coaching and especially, Spiritual Coaching. This is a process of listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and then setting goals for all areas of life with the assistance of a qualified coach who accompanies the client according to the clients’ agenda. This can be done by asking the right questions but also keeping the client accountable for the goals and time-frame that was agreed on.

This can be done by:

  • Contacting Johan and making an appointment for personal spiritual coaching.
  • Attending a seven weeks Get-a-Life, seven life coaching coarse
  • Attending the Spiritual Coaching 101 coarse and follow-ups.

A coach is a highly professional and skill full partner who journeys along with much empathy and respect and not a:

  • mentor who demonstrates life skills for disciple to follow
  • counselor who guides and gives advice.
  • Teacher who instructs

Above mentioned role-players are though very important in certain stages of a person’s life. The one is not better than the other. The distinction is made to portray the different roles and purpose they have. The coach may change rolls at certain stages with the consent of the client and if really necessary.

There is no quick fix that is really sustainable. Coaching is a process of trust and applying of revelation and goals.[/fusion_text]

Seminars and Training Sessions

At seminars we believe that teaching, instruction and modelling are also important. For this reason, seminars are organized for this purpose. There are various types of seminars:

  • Prayer seminars
  • Seminars on intimacy with Christ and listening to the Holy Spirit.
  • Lifestyle
  • Marriage
  • Men’s and woman

Public Speaker and Motivational Speaker

This is one of our specialities and we are available for bookings at any functions, conference or seminars.


Although we are trained to provide counselling, we would prefer to refer clients to counselors. This is because we need to keep our focus on Life coaching and teaching.